Talking about privacy in a time when many people argue that it is already dead is not easy. That's why we have decided to create the Privacy Hub. In a society where personal data is considered the “new oil”, where informational flow seems to have no limits and individuals and companies seem to be in marshy grounds as to the adequate use of data, we understand that the existence of clear and harmonic rules of transversal and multisector application as those established by a General Law of personal data protection that can unlock and foster economic and technological development and promote innovation through greater legal certainty.

There are many initiatives under development today in Brazil to encourage discussion and awareness of having a General Law. The Privacy Hub is part of this movement. Our objective is to share relevant material to the different sectors of the society which use personal data, especially those who, like us, understand that anticipating to regulatory changes and investing in privacy may be considered a competitive advantage and a differential in the market.

Our expectation is that the Privacy Hub can - along with other important institutional initiatives already promoted by companies, law firms and industry associations - foster the growth of the Internet, technology and innovation market in Brazil.


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